Weekend Wanderings – Family Reunion & Battles Museum visit

We had a really fun family weekend, it went by so fast but I think we managed to make some good memories! On Saturday it was the annual family reunion at the. After a little mix up with the time (we were two hours late! eek!) the rest of the day was spent visiting, chatting, laughing, hugging and eating with some of my very favorite people! Mr.T. and Pie had a good time riding the carousal and running around with old and new cousins.

Cousins at Family reunion 2010

The auction is always a highlight of the day. Everyone brings as many wrapped gifts as they want marked with phrases like boy/young, adult/man and teen girl. After the meeting all the young children get to form a line, and wait with excitement while clutching quarters begged from moms, dads, aunts and unknown cousins, to claim a prize. They are allowed to keep moving from the front of the line to the back as long as the pile lasts. The kids LOVE this and never know what they might unwrap.

The adult auction is a bit more grown up – a bit :) The bidding can get downright funny and sometimes it’s scary to see what’s been wrapped and auctioned off! This year I managed to win a few things for Super G. and me, a car care kit for him, a shoe candle and a pretty bag of pampering lotions for me. The year before last I had my sites set on a beautiful fabric box. I bid it up to $16.00 having no idea what was in it (I just wanted the box to store sewing supplies!). Some jokester (I’ll never know WHO!) had wrapped up 5 pairs of (yes brand new with tags) undies! lol! Now THAT was the butt (ahem) of the joke for the rest of the day lol! Guess I lucked out this year!

Cousins at Family reunion 2010

We spent the rest of the evening visiting with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins in my Aunt & Uncle’s new house. They recently moved into Gramma’s old house and are busy making it their own! We’re excited that they live so close by now and hope to see more of them than we’ve been able to in the past.

On Sunday we caught the tail end of the Dan Rice Days celebration and went to watch a Civil War reenactment battle and encampment at the Battles Museum and Yellow House in Girard, PA. Although at first we thought the $16 fee (for our 4 person family) for house tours was a little pricey, we found it well worth the cost to browse old rooms filled with antiques, pieces of the past and just beautiful old things. It was so interesting to see the way the reenactors had set up camp. The amount of work just to bring in all of the authentic items to make camp feel like it was real boggles my brain! While the group that recreated the battle itself wasn’t large, they did put on a good show, we all especially liked the loud cannon blasts!

Battles Museum Dan Rice Days 2010
I want a flour mill and reading nook & tea pot like these!

Battles Museum Dan Rice Days 2010

We can’t wait to go see this again next year! What did you do this weekend?


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    Creative Junkie says

    That auction sounds like a riot! For both the kids and the adults – I would love to do something like that wiht my extended family.

    You got some great photos!

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