Good for the soul! Our First visit to the Lake in 2010

Somehow my brain just skipped right over Wednesday so I missed out on posting my planned Wordless post! I knew I should have scheduled it in! I couldn’t wait until next week to share these fun lake pictures with you though. Last week my daughter’s friend called up late in the afternoon to go to the beach with her family. We were in the middle of making dinner but decided to run over after we were done eating so they could play. It was a windy, blustery and gorgeous late afternoon. The sand was stinging our legs and the wind was roaring in our ears! The amazing sun rays and big waves just awakened our senses! I love living within 20-35 minutes of so many Lake Erie attractions. We spent a nice hour there before heading home to de-sand! I didn’t take the time to touch up or crop these photos so even though they are imperfect, that’s what I love about them.

I love the silhouettes of my daughter and friends against the waves.




I love the fish bones my friend excitedly found and wanted to keep.


I love the way my son so sweetly allows me to take his picture.


I love the way everything BUT the object of my attention is always what ends up being in focus.


I love the wind and waves and fresh lake air that washes over you.


I love watching the clouds and hearing the laughter of my friends and family around me.


I love this moment in time.

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  1. OMG, I love it too! What a wonderful afternoon/evening. How beautiful to be able to experience that on a regular basis? Can I come stay with you? :-)

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