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Give Up The Ghost, this phrase can have so many meanings to so many different people. Brandie Carlile captures that meaning in her 3rd album, Give Up The Ghost, released on October 6th. “We wrote about about life, the world, how we felt, how we will feel. In that sense, these songs are like time travelers in that they exist on a much more ethereal plane, and that’s what ‘give up the ghost’ means to us,” Carlile explains.

After debuting in 2005 with The Story, Washington State-bred Carlile saw her fanbase mushroom. Among her fans is Elton John. “Brandi has an amazing voice,” he says. “She’s a great songwriter and has a tremendous career ahead of her.” Proudly, Carlile says that John—who duets with her on the song “Caroline”—played a key a role in her evolution as an artist: “When I was 11, I started listening to country and western music and I was totally immersed in that Grand Ole Opry culture, wherein the entertainers are usually not the ones who wrote the music. But when I discovered Elton John, I realized that performers could write and perform their own songs, and I immediately went out and got a keyboard, and started writing.” She was too starstruck to tell him that when they recorded together. “I was just overwhelmed by the years, and by the influence that somebody can have on another person’s life without even knowing it.”

I’ll let Brandie sum up her album making experience with this quote; “Me and the twins could not be more pleased with how our record turned out. Everyone involved played a part in bringing it to life. Wow it’s a terrifying thing to finish a record and know that it’s in the world. I can’t lie, this record like everything real, has come with real struggle. It was intense and we grew musically, and closer as a band. We’re more than happy in our new space. This record breathes life into our art and forces us to leave ourselves behind…to give up the ghost.”

My View:
I wish I had heard of Brandie Carlile sooner! I just can’t stop listening to Give Up The Ghost! Brandie has a throaty, almost hypnotic quality to her voice that just puts a calm peace over your inner self. The instrumentals, the harmonies, the voices, it is nearly too exquisite to listen to! One moment your deep in thought, the next you find a smile on your face and your closing your eyes, uplifting your face to the ceiling like the sun is shining down into your soul.

Brandie and her amazing cast of characters have hit the perfect note. Electric guitar, string arrangements, cello, banjo, drums! Wow! Unique and strangely fulfilling is a great way to describe the overall effect of this album, really just the stuff dreams are made of!

There is absolutely no way that I can choose a favorite song! Every single one of them has a richness to it that draws you in and keeps you floating. Before it breaks, If There Were No You, Pride & Joy, the top three that stand out for this moment in time, not because they’re better than any of the other tracks, but just because I remember their feelings the most. In another moment I’ll say that Dreams, I Will, and That Year were my favorites. There’s no choosing I tell you!

Something in this album touches me, it’s raw, pure, and has no pretenses, no secret meanings, it is just out there and ready to make you feel good – feel alive! I’ll be singing and humming along to this album quite often! I know the first thing I need to do this weekend is go buy some blank CDs so I can make myself a copy for the car! Yes, I know I’m behind the times, I have no mp3 player!

The video for Brandi’s recent single “Dreams” was featured as the “Awesome of the Day” on’s Higher Gravity blog on October 27th. Check it out! It’s awesome! While you’re over there check out this article too, while I don’t 100% agree with everything the author has written – hey, my daughter still lOVES Disney teens!- I do agree that Brandie Carlile is an artist that I want my daughter to love as much as I do! So guess what, this would make a perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer for your pre-teen or teen girl! Heck, it would go great with a bottle of wine and a few chocolates to give to your friends!

Album Tracklisting
Looking Out
Dying Day
Pride And Joy
That Year
Before It Breaks
I Will
If There Was No You
Touching The Ground
Oh Dear

You can purchase Give Up The Ghost at Amazon. Currently it’s selling for less than $10.00!

Visit to buy tickets or learn more about her and her music. Brandie also has a Facebook page to keep her fans up to date!

Upcoming Tour Dates:
November 20, 2009 – Seattle, WA – Easy Street Records
February 21, 2010 – Miami, FL – Cayamo: A Journey Through Song


*I was given a free digital download of this CD from One2One Network to facilitate my candid and honest review. No other compensation was received.*

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