This. Day. Bites.

My Mom and Lee are moving today. Moving to town. Four miles away. Moving into a 3rd floor apartment. In town. Four miles away. I hate it. Can you tell this is going to be a rant? Sorry, but I need to vent. I’ll say it again just because I have to. My Mom and Lee are….moving.

This probably doesn’t see like that traumatic of an event to you, you’re probably saying, big deal, they’re moving (4 miles away). So what! Well, to me it is a big deal because it means;

No more after diner walks with the kids to see Gramma & Grampa, to visit and have coffee and talk about the day.

No more spontaneous walks over to see what’s up and have coffee and talk about the day.

No more last minute “Come over and have supper with us.”
No more last minute “Come over and have dessert with us.”
No more “Can I borrow an egg?” (Mom), or “Can I borrow some Ketchup?” (Me)

No more taking Ginger over to play with her best bud Rocky.
No more hearing Rocky bark when Lee gets home from work.
In fact, No more Rocky :(

No more “Hey kids let’s go over and tell Gramma and Granpa what happened today!”
No more getting exited about something and running over to tell the news, in person.

I hate the phone, can’t stand talking on it.
In person is much better.

No more winter walks, pulling the kids over on a sled to build a snowman in Gramma & Grandpa’s front yard.

No more planning our gardens and buying plants and comparing vegetables all spring.

No more spending all summer walking back and forth between our hoses to just sit, or play or eat, or visit.

No more being the first stop on Halloween to show off costumes, take pictures with the cousins.

No more sitting outside in the evening at the picnic table to have coffee and talk.
Did I mention they’re moving to a 3rd floor apartment???

No more stopping by at night after we get home late from something fun, so we can tell them all about it.

No more getting the kids together and Ginger, and saying to hubby, “Let’s walk over to Mom & Lee’s.”

No more looking out my bathroom window every night before bed to see that they’re light is on, and to be reassured that they’re okay.

No more seeing their house every time I open my back door.

No more honking the horn when I drive past twice a day to pick Pie up from school.
No more telling each other everywhere we’ll be so the other doesn’t worry when they don’t see their vehicle in the driveway.

No more going over, just to sit, and plop on the couch, and feel better just because they’re there.

Yes, I’m a 30 year old woman who has absolutely loved living next to her Mom & Lee. I loved having them close by. Loved not having to worry if they were okay. Loved being able to let the kids just run over for a visit or to grab the aluminum foil.

There, I’m done…. not really but what else is there to say? I. HATE. that they’re moving. HATE it. But they’re not me, and they’ll do what they need want to do. And that’s life. Deal with it baby, deal with it.

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  1. 1
    Catherine Anne says

    Im sorry you will be missing your family!

  2. 2

    It could be worse. At least it's only 4 miles this time instead of all the way to Georgia. I'll miss Rocky, though :(

  3. 3

    AWWW I am sorry you are sad and yes I know what it was like when i lived next to you and felt same when I had to move I loved being next to someone who I could always rely on being there for me and if I needed something or you needed something it was easy.I miss tapping on window and saying hey got a smoke or got a stick of butter, OR just ranting to you about hubby cause I knew you would listen and laugh and same went for you.

  4. 4
    crochet lady says

    Oh, it's nice to have family close by. Alot of my husband's family lives within walking distance and it is great to have family close by, but 4 miles isn't too far away.

  5. 5
    JDaniel4's Mom says

    Now you will have great roadtrips!

  6. 6

    I'm sorry! Now you guys can do bike rides to see them :) Everything will be okay. {hugs}

  7. 7

    I can so relate to this. My parents moved out of the house they had lived in for nearly 30 years! They moved about 15 miles away and I was devastated that they wouldn't be in the same town as me. I got over it…sorta. And the kids still show up at Gramma and Grampa's whenever they want. (They're teens now) So everything worked out. But I'm still mad that they moved away…haha.


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