A Thousand Words Thursday

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July 2004


I want to go back in time for a few moments when I look at our old photos! My now 8-year-old daughter was almost 4 in this photo!

I miss the days where getting dirty while playing outside was fun. Now dirt is the enemy, heck she won’t even touch a worm anymore!

I miss those chubby, pinch-able, babyish cheeks. They’re fading and my little girl is slowly yet surely transforming into a young lady.

I miss those adorable little shorts that I packed away in the keepsake box (both Miss A. and Mr T. wore them). These days I’m hard-put to find a pair of shorts, or pants for that matter that don’t “BOTHER” my extremely picky, sensitive, drive-me-insane girl.

I miss long lazy days of dirty tire swinging, mud pies and mud puddle splashing.
Oh sure, we still have occasional days such as those, but lately my children are changing, transforming before my eyes.
Phone calls with friends, teachers that know “all” and crazy looks when I suggest an activity that’s offensive with it’s childish ways…..

I’m inspired to find some fun this weekend with them. Maybe fishing now that the weather’s cooperating!

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  1. MommaD says:

    i totally relate! (as nine year old son groans mommmm as i tell him to finish his homework!) it goes by all too fast!

  2. I love digging out old photos. Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!

  3. Anissa says:

    My daughter is 9 and she will get out there in the dirt if she sees mommy playing in the dirt with the 3 year old.

    Love the picture. TFS

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