It’s the thought that counts – Show you care #KleenexCares

As a child it was all too common to hear that it was “the thought that counts” whenever someone gave something from the heart. While it can be difficult to understand when you are very young, as you get older, you come to realize this small phrase is so very true.  One small gesture that […]

Remembering to teach gratitude & sharing this season #KleenexCares

From a young age, my parents always tried to teach me to be thankful for what we had. They also taught me about giving back and sharing what you have with others. I’ve tried to teach my own children these same lessons about thankfulness. Children learn by example and when my children were small, I spent […]

Treat a loved one to a Kleenex Brand Care Pack! #KleenexCares

It shouldn’t take a disaster to remind us that sharing is caring. Every day we all have the opportunity to share, even if it’s just in some small way. This Halloween as we spend time sharing laughter, fun, treats and surprises with our families, we can also be alert to ways we can share with […]

Share your Care with a Kleenex Brand Care Pack #KleenexCares

Growing up, my Mom and Dad always tried to stress to me the importance of sharing. They had their work cut out for them — being an only child, it was often a hard lesson to swallow. Now that I am a mother, I know how very much I want my own children to share […]