What you need to know before buying a Nespresso machine

Nespresso sells or licenses several different coffee machines, mostly made in Europe. The machines bear the names of well-known kitchen equipment manufacturers such as Krups, Breville and DeLonghi, but are mainly manufactured by the Swiss company Eugster / Frismag, which is one of the world’s largest coffee machine manufacturers. For people who prefer to drink […]

The Significance of Organo Gold and a Cup of Joe

Coffee is a coveted commodity of modern society, with Americans consuming hundreds of millions of cups a day, which is only a fraction of the total number of cups consumed daily by habitual drinkers worldwide. According to this recent Newsversion article, the drink can be traced back to Ethiopia during a time of antiquity, though […]

Tully’s Hawaiian Blend coffee K-Cup Packs #YourPerfectCup

As a Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup Ambassador, I look forward to my monthly review surprises. Every single shipment that I have received so far has been a delicious experience and I have found several coffees and beverages (like the Wellness Brewed K-Cup Packs) that are on my must-keep-on-hand list. The Tully’s Hawaiian Blend coffee K-Cup Packs […]

Keurig K-Cup® Pack Countertop Storage Drawer

I love collecting a variety of different K-Cup Packs to use in my Keurig! What I don’t always love is how much space they seem to take up in my small kitchen. The new K-Cups Pack Countertop Storage Drawer by Keurig has solved the problem for me and has now become my favorite K-Cup Pack […]

Guess who is a K-Cup® Ambassador?

When I first started writing new product reviews on my blog so long ago, one of my first goals was to someday review a Keurig coffee brewer. It seemed like only the big blogs had a chance to review something as cool as a Keurig! As the years have gone by (it’s been almost four!), […]

Free Coffee!

Do you love coffee like I do? How about iced coffee? Personally I L-O-V-E the Vanilla Latte Iced Coffee (with extra whipped cream) that I splurge on about twice a summer at the Flea Market. Oh I can’t wait, I’m havin’ me one tomorrow! The first one of the Summer, AHHH!! Ooops, back on topic, […]