Throwback Thursday : Storybook Land #tbt

Storybook Land - Three Men in a Tub 1980's

Storybook Land Wizard of Oz characters - Throwback Thursday

storybook land - Pinocchio, Geppetto and Figaro statues

I found these gems from the 1980’s and thought they would be perfect for Throwback Thursday. I’m fairly certain this is a place called Storybook Land and I “think” it’s one that is/was located in South Dakota. Since I’m wearing the same lovely outfit from our visit to Dinosaur Park, also located in South Dakota, I can only assume I’m remembering the right location.

After seeing that post, Mom told me I was wrong about the Dinosaur photo being in 1987 –she says I was younger. I was really tall for my age and always looked way older so she’s probably right. Also, I don’t have glasses in the photo yet which means I’m most likely in 1st grade? Maybe….. How in the heck do people remember that far back!

In any case, I vaguely remember visiting this park with my parents and being forced to pose with every single thing available to pose with :-) I think there was a castle that I climbed as well.. and a blue whale and a lion water fountain. And there ends my memory of this long ago visit! Still, the photos are worth looking at now and again — even if only to ponder why in the world I always wore knee-high striped socks and those fashionable high waisted culottes (I totally had to go Google that to see how to spell it) as a child?


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    Awwww! I love looking at old photos like this!! There is a place up in northern New Hampshire called Storyland and it’s very similar. My boys have kind of outgrown it now because it’s more for 6 and under, but it’s definitley fun!

  2. 2

    And you had to pose even before blogging was popular, hahaha. :)
    Posts like this are fun, I like the throwback photos.

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