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This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

The temperatures were warm enough to melt some of the snow and show the grass yesterday — Spring is finally poking her head out! Soon, we'll be able to pack away the big winter coats and triple layers that this long cold winter has made us bundle up into. Dollar General is one place that I always like to shop apparel online and check the local store, for new affordable spring fashions. 

I stopped in over the weekend and picked up three new outfits for our granddaughter. She is growing so quickly — we needed to have spring clothes, for when she comes over to visit. We found this adorable red, black, and white ladybug 2-piece toddler outfit. The cute little red leggings have a ruffle trim and the elastic waistband fit her perfectly.


She really loved her new top with the sparkly ladybug. She kept checking  it out and running around to make the sides flap. The clothes are perfect for this growing baby, since this Gramma can see that she is comfortable running and playing. Plus, they are easy to care for and will last until she moves up a size!


Dollar General has great spring and summer clothes for everyone in the family. Not only did granddaughter get new duds, but Gramma found 2 cute tops for warmer weather. I love the soft colors of the striped t-shirts I found. Comfotable tops are a must-have item for my spring and summer wardrobe. The tops I found at Dollar General will be perfect to pair with jeans and flats. 

I was aiming to keep my purchase under $50 and I succeeded! I thought the amount would come to $48.50, but when I got up to the register, I found out that two of the outfits we chose for granddaughter were on sale. So the bill was $10.00 less! You know what that means? Since I saved a few dollars on each outfit, I can go back and get two more tops for myself — woo!

What is your favorite spring fashion must-have?


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  1. 1

    No way! I Had no idea they had clothes there? And cute ones at that!

  2. 2

    She is adorable!!! And the clothes are really cute too. ;)

    I don’t usually get excited about Spring clothes shopping, but this winter’s been exceptionally hard so I am very happy this year to spruce up the wardrobes with some warmer selections. The Dollar General just came to our town last year too, woot!! :)

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