CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner Beat My Hard Water Stains!

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Spring fever is starting to hit hard! After months of being in the house, I’m getting antsy about getting outside. That usually means I start thinking about spring cleaning. One area of our house that seems to never be clean enough is the kitchen. Something always needs to be scrubbed or picked up.

Since we don’t live in town, we have hard well water that wreaks havoc on our sinks and tubs. I am forever trying to scrub the hard water stains out of the sink. 

CLR bathroom kitchen cleaner review

I recently tried out the CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner on the stains in my kitchen sink. CLR claims to be able to cut through lime deposits, calcium and hard water build up. Sounded promising! So, I put it to the test with my ugly kitchen sink!

before cleaning sink with CLR

Check out the stains, especially in the back right corner.

I followed the directions to spray the area with the CLR cleaner. Then let it sit for 2 minutes. The cleaner is a foam that stays put fairly well when sprayed on. 

CLR foam cleaner

I came back after a few minutes and used a sponge to scrub away the hard water stain. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how easy the stain came off using the CLR cleaner. I didn’t really have to use much elbow grease, so I cleaned the whole sink and it’s now bright and shiny! Plus, it smells great from the light fresh scent of the cleaner.

after cleaning sink with CLR

Thoughts & Where to find it

CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner lived up to its promise in my home. CLR makes my cleaning go by quickly. I’ll keep using it, here’s why you might want to try this product for yourself:

  • Fast acting and powerful
  • Cleans efficiently and quickly
  • Makes short work of stubborn dirt, lime, calcium, hard water stains and soap scum.
  • Has the Environmental Protection Acency’s “DfE” (Design for the Environment” designation, which means its safer chemistry isn’t harmful to everyone in your home.

CLR Cleaners are available at many local retailers, including Giant Eagle, K Mart and Rite Aid, to name a few. To keep up to date with promotions and news, check out @CLRCleaners on Twitter.

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  1. 1

    I use CLR regularly! I love that stuff.

  2. 2

    I wonder if it will clean the ugly well water stains off of my shower!! It’s got to be worth a shot (and for the record, I HATE well water).

  3. 4

    I make my own homemade cleaner, mixing half water and half Vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture in the tub and shower and wait a few minutes before wiping clean. I love to use eco-friendly products, so I can see this works.

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