Tips for Completing Father-Son Bonding Projects

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Many fathers look at their sons and can’t help but think ahead to the future. They may see a child that is growing up too quickly and will soon be out of their home. Finding a father-son project to do around the home is a great way for dad to teach his son the basics of home repair as well as getting to spend some quality time together. From minor reorganization projects to more extensive projects like installing premiere bathroom vanities, it is important to plan any do-it-yourself project before starting.

Before You Start Your Project

Your first step (after deciding what to do, of course) is to decide how long this project will take, what supplies you will need and if you will need to close off the area to others. A messy project, which might involve glues, cements or caulking, for instance, should be undertaken only after small children and pets are removed from the area. If you are tackling a larger project, like installing a bathroom vanity, make sure there is access to another bathroom until the entire project is completed or plan to have everyone else out of the house for that day.

Deciding Your Skill Level

Not all projects are meant to be undertaken by beginners. There are many that should be left for people who have at least some basic knowledge or specialized skills in place. Other projects, for instance, a painting project can be handled by most people without a problem. With younger children, Dad should handle all of the “finer” detail work and allow his son to do the simpler work. If the son is older, Dad can enjoy teaching him some more intricate skills to prepare him for when he is on his own. If you are unsure of a project to complete with your son, there are often workshops at local hardware stores that will give you the step by step tips for some very interesting projects around your house.

Determine Your Supplies

Most projects require at least some basic supplies. For example, if you are doing a deep cleaning and reorganizing of a room, you may need heavy duty trash bags, cleaning supplies and then baskets, shelves and other ways to organize the newly cleaned room. What you use may depend on what the room is used for and the items that are being organized. Other projects may require supplies like paint, brushes and drop cloths. If you are installing a vanity, make sure that all parts are included before you get started. Some vanities will come complete with the bowl, faucets and installation hardware while others do not. You do not want to pull out the old vanity and then find out that you are going to need another trip to the hardware store!

Document the Project

Finally, make sure that you are taking some photos of the project, both before and after. Have someone take a photo of the beaming father-son duo in front of their handiwork as a great reminder of a bonding day that means so much more because it was not only time spent together but time put into improving the family home as well.


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    Awesome tips. Especially the one about determining your skill level. In my experience with men, most of them think theirs is higher than what it actually is LOL.

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    I love to catch these moments on film too…though my husband is about as handy as me (which is not) so more often than not these days, it’s my oldest (who is Mr. Handy) here for a visit showing dad how to do things (still good bonding moments). :)

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