What to do with old mobile phones when you upgrade?

old cell phoneWe are a family of cell phone users, all four of us have one and we, of course, use them daily. My husband’s phone gets the most use since he takes his business calls on his mobile phone. My son and daughter are super expert texters — they use their phones the most for keeping in touch with their friends via text.

Last month, just before Christmas, my hubby was lucky enough to be able to upgrade his iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4. The rest of us have to wait until August before we can upgrade. I hate to tell everyone else but I’m secretly saving up my money to bump my upgrade to either a Samsung Galaxy S III or the latest iPhone, I haven’t decided which just yet.

All this upgrading leaves me to wonder though, what will we do with our old phones? I suppose we could just throw them in the junk drawer but we may be able to get a few bucks out of them by doing a mobile phone trade in via the internet. Some sites, such as sellmymobile.com offer a comparison service that shows you the range of prices you can receive for your old mobile phones and tablets. The comparison prices come from all of the top mobile phone trade-in companies so you don’t have to waste time searching the internet for the best price.

Selling our old phones in this way would allow us to gain a bit of cash. It sure wouldn’t hurt to put a few extra dollars in our pockets instead of leaving those old phones laying around the house collecting dust! 



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    Because my hubby is a military man, we donate our old ones to military families in need. Most of the donated ones get sent over seas to the troops.

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    Jeff Rivera says

    This is a great post, Henrietta, because I do not think people really know what to do with their old phones. Unfortunately, most of mine get thrown away after collecting dust for years in a junk drawer, as you said. I like the idea of selling your old phones via the sight you shared, sellmymobile.com and I also think that there are actual kiosks popping up in some malls, (none around where I am unfortunately) where you can go to get your old phones and other technology scanned for value and you are given the money on the spot if you take their offer.
    Also, another commenter, Robin mentioned donating your old phones to Service Men and Women. I think this is a great idea also and I have seen a few donation drop spots for this in local stores around where I am. This is a nice way to show support!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Jeff Rivera

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