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Intuition LG Verizon Wireless

The Intuition LG has been part of the household for a couple of weeks now. I have to say that the large screen size is still my favorite feature. There are so many things that I can do with this phone because of the large screen that I usually have a harder time doing on a smaller phone.

For example, I can now read my Kindle books with no problem. I have horrible eyesight so in the past, I would either take my Kindle along or have to forget about trying to read on the smaller screen my other phone has. With the Amazon Kindle app installed on my Intuition LG, reading is effortless (so close to book #4!).

Reading Kindle books on Intuition LG

Not only is the screen large enough to read on, it’s also crystal clear. The text, images and apps are displayed beautifully on the 4.3 aspect ratio screen. It is bright without hurting my eyes and browsing images on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook isn’t frustrating since I can see the details and make out what’s in the photo!

The large screen is also awesome for playing games and I love my game time! Mahjong is a mobile favorite and it is really great being able to see the tiles and be able to click on the correct ones.No more squinting!

Playing Majhong on Intuition LG

Of course the Google Play Store has a ton of great free apps. Some favorites for the Christmas season are Jewel Magic Christmas (a free match three game with fun holiday graphics) and the many different animated wallpapers, my favorite being the Christmas Ice Rink Wallpaper (skaters zoom back and forth one one of three different backgrounds while snowflakes fall).

Animated Wallpapers on Intuition LG

Of course, none of these features would be any fun if it weren’t for the lightning fast Verizon Wireless 4G LTE connection! I have been impressed by how quickly multiple apps can be downloaded and installed and by how quickly image heavy emails can be sent. Browsing the web is also a smooth experience as the sites load quickly.

Having a fast Snapdragon dual core processor means that multi-tasking is a breeze. With the Recent Apps button, under the screen, I can open multiple apps at the same time and quickly switch between them. The Intuition has no problem streaming my internet radio (Pandora!) while checking email or writing a post in my WordPress app.

Oh! The WordPress App! This app is great and lets me be productive, even when I’m not at home. Or, if I’m sitting on the couch and don’t want to drag out the laptop, I can easily post to my blog using my phone. The Intuition LG is perfect for this since the screen size is large enough to see what my post looks like. In fact, I wrote most of this post on my Intuition!
Writing WordPress blog posts on Intuition LG
Also, a super handy feature they I’ve mentioned before is QuickMemo. This comes preinstalled on the Intuition and is helpful for everything from making notations on maps to sending love notes to your sweetie to keeping your running shopping list.

If you have messy handwriting, like me — you can also use the keyboard to type anywhere on your QuickMemo page. Or use the stylus. I’ve used a combination of finger, stylus and text on this messy shopping list! It works though and I love having it so accessible.

QuickMemo grocery list on Intuition LG
QuickMemo notations on Intuition LG
One feature that I thought was missing from the Intuition was the ability to stop all running apps. On my other phones, holding down the home button pops up the running apps so I can shut them down. I couldn’t figure out how to do this on the Intuition LG, until I found the Task Manager app in the preinstalled apps panel.

Now I can shut down running apps to help preserve battery life.
Pre-installed apps on Intuition LG

Task manager App shuts down running apps on Intuition LG

(See how handy that QuickMemo feature can be! Instead of trying to explain where something is, I can just capture it with QuickMemo and then write whatever I want on top of it. Love this feature!)

I have even figured out how easy it is to set up Face Recognition for the unlock screen! It turns out that I can do a lot with the Intuition LG — too much to cover in just a few posts! I’ll be back in another week or so with an update about what other features I’ve discovered and found helpful. 

multi-tasking with my Intuition LG

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Savvy Moms program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinion about the product.
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    That looks like a REALLY nice phone. I have an iPhone and I am happy with it, but I like the bigger screen size of your phone.

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    Katt Lewis says

    This is the first review I’ve ever seen written by a regular person rather than the technophiles at cnet or such places. Nice to see.

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