Cleaning with Endust and the Dustersons + an Endust Coupon!

Endust cleaning productsI am not going to make believe that my house is spotless, it’s far from it! I do however love it when my home is sparkling clean and dust free on those occasions where I am in the cleaning mood! That’s when it’s time to turn up the music, grab my dust rag and rock out! 

Living on a dirt road means that we have dust-a-plenty! Endust can quickly remove even the grimiest of dust layers and it’s safe to use on everything we need to clean from end tables and chairs to grandfather cloths and electronics. 

Endust has always been my product of choice when it comes to ridding my home of dust. It always helps me get my cleaning done super fast, that way I can “start Living” and do things I’d rather enjoy, other than cleaning (like blogging, reading and baking!).

Endust dusting

While I love the clean scent of the Lemon Zest Endust, it’s also great to know that there is a hypo-allergenic version of Endust called Endust Free Dusting & Cleaning Spray. This version has less irritating ingredients, no fragrance and less overspray. I’ll be purchasing some of this so that our new granddaughter won’t be bothered by the smell when she comes visiting!

Now, I can’t say that cleaning or Endust excites me as much as it seems to get the Dustersons pumped up. But, being dust-free is a pretty satisfying feeling. 

The video of just how “into” their dusting the Dustersons do get is below (Think 50 Shades of Clean and not really kid-appropriate). This may or may not be your taste but I had to giggle just a bit  while watching this outrageous video— Oh My! 

Get a coupon and stay in touch!

Currently, you can get a $2 off Endust coupon! Just click here to share and download the coupon to save $2 on Endust. If you think your friends would get a laugh out of the crazy Dustersons, go ahead and share the video with them. To keep up to date with new Dustersons videos and Endust promos, check out Endust on Facebook and Twitter.

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Endust. I received a product sample to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for participating.
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    Thanks for the coupon – I love using this for electronics!

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    This video is so flippin’ funny!

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    I love that video! Too funny. Never used this product before, but maybe with the coupon I will have to check it out now.

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