Another school year is almost over {whining mom}

Our kids have just 4 days of school left, I can hardly believe how quickly this year has gone by! It’s bittersweet because my children are growing up. Mr.T. will be a senior come fall and well on his way to living his own life. Pie will be starting the tumultuous middle school years when she enters sixth grade.

Where did my babies go? Somehow they grew up when I wasn’t looking. I think that must happen to most parents which leaves them stadning there with a dumbfounded look on their face wondering who these big people are.

One minute you’re blowing bubbles in the yard and making spongebob out of play dough. The next you’re trying not to grab the wheel as your teenager learns how to drive and biting your lip when your tween wants to go roller skating with a friend.

It’s too fast. They don’t understand that when I look at their faces, this is what I still see.


Even my Ginger Dog is growing old, she’s NINE years old now! What a wonderful girl she’s been, I hope we have many more years with her.

Where’s that pause button when you really need it?

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    I’m crying with you. Gav will be a middle schooler next year and Zoe in kindergarten. While I am looking forward to so time alone, I still want my babies back

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    Oh my goodness! It all goes by too fast but it’s sad sometimes we don’t realize that until after the fact. Mine will be entering 6th grade this year and we still reminisce of how she used to hang out in a high chair sucking on some toy :P Those are great pics that you got of them when they were little though!

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    Ruth Katam says

    Time flies so fast. It is the joy of parents when they see their children grow.

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