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Just a few of my favorites from this week’s list are the $2.00 off Hot Pockets Value Pack, $1.00 off two boxes of Post or Big G cereals and of course, the $1.00 off Glade home products. They had the candles, plugins and scented oil refills for $2.50 at Walmart yesterday, print a couple coupons and snag them for $1.50 each!

(November 22, 2011)

HARIBO – $0.30 off any one 4 oz. or larger HARIBO product
Kodak Picture Kiosk – $5.00 off 12-month KODAK Calendar
Similac – $1.00 off on Similac large sized powder
Paramount Home Entertainment – $5.00 off SUPER 8 Blu-ray™ or DVD


Similac – $1.00 off on Similac large sized powder
JOHNSON’S – $1.00 off any JOHNSON’S Baby Oil product
DESITIN™ – $1.00 off any DESITIN™ Soothing Rash Bath Treatment (excludes trial size)


Seattle’s Best Coffee® – $1.50 off ON ANY Seattle’s Best Coffee®
Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee – $1.00 off any 11oz or larger bag of Dunkin’ Donuts® Coffee
Stash Tea – $1.00 off on any two (2) boxes of Stash Tea
Smart Balance® Milks – $0.75 off any one (1) Smart Balance® Milks
Welch’s – $1.00 off any 4-Pack of Welch’s Fruit Fizz
LaCroix® Sparkling Water – $0.55 off any OFF any LaCroix® Sparkling Water 8 pack flavors at Target
BOOST® Kid Essentials – $1.50 off any ONE (1) multipack of BOOST® Kid Essentials Nutritionally Complete Drink
Sokenbicha – $0.75 off Any Sokenbicha product Sokenbicha – Zero Calorie Unsweetened Teas

Borden® Cheese – $1.00 off ONE (1) package of Borden® Pizza String Cheese

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! – $1.00 off ONE ICBINB! Tub product
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! – $1.50 off any ONE ICBINB! All Purpose Sticks
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! – $1.50 off TWO ICBINB! Tub products

HOT POCKET® – $2.00 off ONE (1) HOT POCKET® brand Family Value Pack, 49.5-58.5 oz. packages
HOT POCKET® – $1.00 off 3 boxes HOT POCKETS® sandwiches, 7.5-9.5 oz. packages
HOT POCKETS® Brand Snackers – $1.00 off 2 HOT POCKETS® Brand Snackers

Gold & Silver – $1.00 off 3 Gold or Silver Line Frozen Vegetables
Kentucky Legend – $2.00 off Any Kentucky Legend Whole, Half, or Quarter Ham or Turkey Breast, or our NEW Premium Bacon

Hanover Foods – $1.00 off Two Hanover Baked Soft Pretzels
Goya® Rice Mixes- $0.55 off Goya® Low Sodium Yellow Rice or any Goya® Rice Mix
Goya® Adobo- $0.55 off Goya® Adobo

$1.00 off two boxes Post cereals
Big G Cereals – $1.00 off any TWO BOXES Chex® cereals: Rice Chex® • Corn Chex® • Wheat Chex® • Honey Nut Chex®
Crunchmaster® – $0.75 off Any One (1) Bag or Box of Crunchmaster® Crackers

Pillsbury – $0.30 off 2 Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits
Pillsbury – $0.50 off 2 Pillsbury Crescent Dinner Rolls
Pillsbury – $0.40 off any TWO Pillsbury® Sweet Rolls OR Grands!® Sweet Rolls
Pillsbury – $0.50 off TWO Pillsbury Pie Crusts
Pillsbury – $0.40 off any TWO Pillsbury® Refrigerated Pizza Crust, Breadsticks, Loaves or Dinner Rolls

JET-PUFFED – $0.40 off any ONE (1) JET-PUFFED Mallow Bites or Flavored Marshmallows

Chef M.J. Brando – $1.00 off any (2) Chef M.J. Brando appetizers
Old Wisconsin – $1.00 off any TWO (2) Old Wisconsin 1.5oz Sticks.
HORMEL® – $0.55 off any two (2) HORMEL® Pepperoni packages
HORMEL® – $1.00 off any two (2) HORMEL® COMPLEATS® microwave meals

Reser’s Sensational Sides – $1.00 off ONE (1) Reser’s Sensational Sides item
Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza – $0.55 off any one (1) Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza, any variety
Smart Ones – $1.00 off (5) Weight Watchers Smart Ones
Delizza Patisserie – $0.75 off any one (1) package of any Delizza Patisserie Products

Seneca – $0.55 off any one (1) Seneca Farms Oatmeal 2-Pack
Bridgford – $0.50 off Any One (1) Bridgford Foods Monkey Bread

Yoplait – $0.40 off SIX CUPS Yoplait Yogurt

Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt – $0.40 off Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt
Diamond Crystal Sea Salt – $0.40 off Diamond Crystal Sea Salt
Diamond Crystal Salt Sense – $0.35 off Diamond Crystal Salt Sense


People en Español – $1.00 off People en Español
People Country – $1.00 off Off People Country Music Special
Essence Magazine – $2.00 off the December Issue of Essence magazine


Chuck E Cheese – Save $30.00 at Chuck E Cheese
DISH NETWORK – $20.00 off for 12 months includes $75 VISA Card


Robitussin – $1.00 off on any Robitussin product
Nature® Made – $1.00 off Any Nature® Made Product
Lip Clear Lysine+ – $2.00 off one (1) box of Lip Clear Lysine+ cold sore treatment.
Afrin® – $2.00 off any Afrin® Nasal Spray
Coricidin® – $2.00 off any Coricidin® HBP product
Alka-Seltzer Plus® – $1.00 off any ONE (1) Alka-Seltzer Plus® product

Disney – $1.00 off ANY Vitamin item in Disney or Marvel Shapes
Gas-X – $1.00 off (1) Gas-X Product. Use as directed.
Maalox® – $1.50 off any one (1) Maalox Advanced® product
e.p.t. – $2.00 off any one e.p.t pregnancy test
ZarBee’s Cough Syrup – $1.00 off ANY ZarBee’s Product

Nasalcrom – $2.00 off any NASALCROM allergy product
Cosamin® – $4.00 off any Cosamin® ASU Joint Health Supplement
Bronkaid® – $2.00 off any Bronkaid® product
Percogesic – $2.00 off any Percogesic product
Slo-Niacin – $3.00 off Slo-Niacin

Prescription Drug Coupon – Up To 75% Off On Prescription Medication
Prescription Drug Coupon – Up To 75% Off On Prescription Medication


Paramount Home Entertainment – $5.00 off SUPER 8 Blu-ray™ or DVD
$3.00 off The Nutcracker: The Untold Story
4 Disney Movies for $1.00 Plus Free Pluto Ornament. FREE SHIPPING on initial order with membership.


American Greetings – $1.00 off any ONE SpongeBob or Dora Christmas Roll Wrap ©
Spot Shot® – $1.00 off Any Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain Remover Product 14 oz. or larger (Available at Publix)
Ace Hardware – 50% off One regular priced item under $30 (Valid at participating Ace Stores on 11/26/10 Only)
Vanity Fair® – $1.00 off any TWO (2) packages of Vanity Fair® Napkins
Scotch-Brite – $0.75 off Scrub Sponge 3-pack or Larger

Glade – $0.55 off Glade Premium Room Spray
Glade – $1.00 off 2 Glade 4-oz. Jar Candles
Glade – $1.00 off Glade PlugIns Scented Oil refills
Glade – $1.00 off Glade Scented Oil Candle refills

Filtrete™ – $3.00 off TWO (2) Filtrete™ Air Filters (MPR 1000 or Higher)
Filtrete™ – $2.00 off on ONE (1) Filtrete™ 8 Cup Water Pitcher
Filtrete™ – $5.00 off on ONE (1) Filtrete™ Water Station

Crayola® – $0.50 off any Crayola® Fab Snaps™ (Available at Target, Toys R’ Us and Michael’s)

BISSELL – $3.00 off two BISSELL Stomp ‘‘N Go™ stain lifting pads with formula

BISSELL – $1.50 off BISSELL Stomp ‘N Go™ stain lifting pads with formula


ColorLok – $1.00 off HP ColorLok Paper


Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief – $1.00 off Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief
Village Naturals Bath Shoppe® – $1.00 off any one Village Naturals Bath Shoppe® product
LISTERINE for Kids – $1.00 off any LISTERINE for Kids product

REMBRANDT® – $2.00 off any one (1) REMBRANDT® Toothpaste or (1) REMBRANDT® Rinse
REMBRANDT® – $5.00 off any one (1) REMBRANDT® 2-Hour Whitening Kit

John Frieda® – $3.00 off any John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour
o.b.® – $1.00 off any (1) o.b.® product (except trial size) and support the o.b.® brand Share-It-Forward program

Efferdent – $0.75 off any Effergrip or Efferdent (Redeem at Target)
Effergrip – $0.75 off any Effergrip Denture Adhesive product

Tassi – $4.00 off Tassi Ultimate Hair Holder. Save Your Do When You Do Your Face! Great Gift!
LamisilAT® – $2.00 off Any One (1) LamisilAT® Product
BreathRx – $3.00 off 1 BOTTLE OF 16 oz. BreathRx Mouth Rinse


Dentafresh – $1.00 off ONE (1) package of Dentafresh Tasty Treats for Cats. Available at Walmart.
COSEQUIN® – $5.00 off on the purchase of any COSEQUIN® Product for Your Pet’s Joint Health


Kodak Picture Kiosk – $5.00 off 12-month KODAK Calendar
JCP Potrait Studio – Holiday cards as low as 59¢ each. PLUS 40% off collections and $3.99 sheets!
Picture People – $18 Big Bundle Package. 25 PHOTOS OF YOUR FAVORITE POSE
Sears Portrait Studio – FREE Designer Montage & Extra 20% OFF purchase. NO SESSION FEE.


Hasbro – Free EASY-BAKE Ultimate Oven Refill Pack (32344 asst.) when you buy one EASY-BAKE Ultimate Oven
Hasbro – $5.00 off your total KRE-O Construction set purchase of $20.00 or more
Ding Card Game – $3.00 off one Ding Card Game

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