A post because I’m feeling guilty about not posting

I finally drug my sorry butt to Jazzercise this morning, ya finally! It’s only been what? Almost 2 months! Hibernation. Is. Not. A. Good. Thing. I made it through class but that was almost an hour ago and my legs and fingers are still shaking. I will pay for this later when my legs are hurting so bad I won’t be able to stand up straight! My FANTASTIC instructor, Ronda, says it best, “It’s like a band-aid right?” Yes, yes it is. You want to go back so bad, but you KNOW it’s going to be painful, very painful. As soon as you suck it up and do it though, you feel better. Then you wonder what the heck kept you from just doing it in the first place! Well, I am back now and going to try like crazy not to talk myself out of it again! My pants have been telling me I need to to get moving. Definitely do not want to let these nasty 10…. oh alright 15…. pounds that seemed to sneak up on me, take up permanent residence!

Things have been quiet around here, I know the crickets aren’t even making a peep. Don’t leave just yet! I’ve been taking a short break from accepting giveaways but do have plans for more in the near future! Now that the hectic holiday season is over, and my case of the laziness is starting to shake itself off, I’ll be getting back to business as usual. As soon as I force myself to decide which camera to get, (no I still haven’t bought one!) I’ll be able to take pictures again. Many times just a picture is what inspires a blog post, even if it’s about something completely different than the photo’s subject. Maybe that’s another reason I’ve been feeling out of sorts, not taking pictures for a month when you’re used to taking many many pictures every day can kind of put a damper on your creativity.

I’m alive and well, just unmotivated at the moment!

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    Yay, you made it to Jazzercise, hurrah for you! I always love how happy a good worokout makes you feel.

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    I need to get to the Y too. My body feels old.

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