Pie’s Ponderings – Butterfly Raising for Summer fun!

Pie’s pretty excited about finally getting to break out her Butterfly House  Treehouse this Spring. She had won it at the Chinese Auction her school held last fall and was so disappointed when I had to tell her it would need to be put up until warmer weather. We sent away the $6.00 for shipping and her little box of caterpillars arrived this past Monday. It took about a week which is fairly quick for them to come.

Painted Lady caterpillars

They are at least twice the size today as they were in this photo we took on Monday. There really isn’t any work involved with raising these amazing critters, all the food is in the bottom of the container. We just wait until they turn into chrysalids then transfer them over to the Butterfly House, then wait some more for them to transform. We have 5 little ones and hope each and every one of them turns into the beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly so we can set them loose in the world!

This isn’t a review but I can’t help but tell you what a great product this is! My daughter really loves watching her fuzzy friends crawl around and is bursting with excitement to see what they turn into. Something I really love is that we can reuse the “Treehouse” habitat and order more butterflies whenever we want! Very cool because we just love butterflies! I checked Amazon and they have the Spin Master Bugville Butterfly Tree HouseButterfly Treehouse (which is the one we have) for $17.00. Not bad and totally worth it!

Have you ever done anything like this? Did they all live to be released? Maybe mommy is a little excited to :)


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    You sure do sound excited! LOL… I would be too. I told my daughter that Pie has one and she said she wants one too. That's my 18 year old; not the younger one. :-D … That would be interesting for the children and myself. I can't wait to see how they turn out. Good luck.

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    That's so cool!! Wish I'd found something like that about 10 years ago, our oldest would have loved to do something like that :)

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