Wordless Wednesday – Silly Pie

This would be Pie messig around with the camera :)
Love finding this stuff on there!
Happy Wordless Wednesday!


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  1. TOO FUNNY! I look forward to finding things like htat!

  2. Kids are too cute! Happy WW!

  3. That is too funny! The boys play with the camera sometimes too and I always threaten to post the pics, but my boys are bigger than me :)

  4. Owen's Mom says

    Very cute! Loved it. I hope you save it and share it with her when she is older.

  5. Funny!

  6. JDaniel4's Mom says

    What great eyes shots!

  7. GrammyMouseTails says

    She must have long arms! LOL. I can never get one of myself, LOL! my oldest grandson did that around age 2&1/2… some funny things showed up, so they bought him a kid cam, kept him busy for awhile, but he also would delete pic, whether he knew it or not, so I have never seen any of them, LOL! Stop over to my WW this week… Your name is up in "lights" ! woo hoo.. K, maybe not lights, but pretty darn close! ;)
    Faythe @GrammyMousetails

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