Organic insect spray to fight my Japanese beetle problem

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SaferBrand. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ginger thinks the Plum tree shold stay this pretty all year long with Safer Brand EndALL Insect Killer!We seem to have had a never ending battle with outdoor pests since moving here 3 years ago. If it isn’t the wasps or Asian lady beetles (not the same as the cute red ladybugs!), it’s the Japanese beetles. It’s still a bit early for them to show their destructive little selves yet but I know without a doubt that they’ll be back, just as they were last year. I know that they’ll want to munch and crunch their way through my veggie garden, and turn my beautiful little plum tree into a skeleton. After being overrun by these pests last year we found Japanese Beetle traps at our local feedmill made by Safer® Brand. Those babies worked like magic! This year I am excited to try to prevent the problem in the first place so maybe we won’t need to use the traps!

I’ll be using the new Safer® Brand  EndALL insect spray. I truly am not someone who likes to use any kind of sprays or even fertilizers (other than good old fashioned farm animal kind!) so I really thought about it before I decided to try this product. One of the reasons I felt safe using EndALL is because it’s the first OMRI®-listed product that kills insects on contact while being USDA-approved for organic gardening! Another thing I love is that it’s MULTI-purpose! I don’t need a product for each and every type of insect or plant we have, really I don’t. This one bottle kills 45 different insects in all stages of life (eggs, larva, adults), and is safe, when used as directed, for use on on flowers, fruits, vegetables, lawns, landscape, ornamentals AND houseplants! Woot!

Plum tree BlossomsI’ll be keeping an eye out for those pesky beetles, when they show up I’ve got something coming for them! The organic pyrethrin (from dried, powdered flowers of the pyrethrum daisy) and soap in EndALL will kill any adults and larva and the neem (a botanical pesticide from the neem tree) oil will kill the eggs that I can’t see or find to help prevent re-infestation. Have you tried this or any other Safer Brand products before? They are very affordable, A 32oz bottle of EndALL is only $7.50! They are also widely available, they’d have to be if you can find them in our small feed store! 

Bring it on beetles! Ginger and I are ready for ya ;)

Our Garden plot is tilled and ready, we'll keep the Japanese beetles away with Safer Brand EndALL Insect Killer!


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