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Hello and thank you for your interest in working with A Hen’s Nest. These are exciting times for my little space on the web! After having such a fabulous time in 2012-13 and seeing tremendous growth over the past two years, I am so excited to see what the future brings to my blogging adventure! There are many ways  that you can join in and have your product, information or services featured here on A Hen’s Nest.

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Read more than you ever wanted to know on our {About Page}. Here’s a quick peek.

  • 30 something production worker single mom {MOM} of 2 who likes to go for long walks, sunbathe at the beach, read, enjoy a glass of wine, crochet, garden, bake, play lotro, take photos, sing badly and play with new technology.
  • Young Adult {SON} who enjoys the arts, draws, loves music and is a video game and YouTube junkie as well as a wonderful father to his daughter.
  • Sweet Seventeen Teenager {DAUGHTER} who enjoys marching band color guard, drama club, concert band, singing, flute, music, Broadway, fuzzy animals, reading and takes amazing photographs.
  • 2 year old Demon Cat {OLIVIA} who enjoys terrorizing the house, pouncing on unassuming adults while they try to sleep and generally owning the household.
  • I also have lovely parents who live nearby, an almost five year old granddaughter who visits on the weekends and other various extended family members who love trying new products!
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Let’s work together!

A Hen’s Nest is proud to be a part of the mom blogging community. We strive to offer our readers insightful and informative content that they can trust, while we help brands we know and love engage with those readers. When you work with A Hen’s Nest, you can be assured that your company will receive a quality post / review with more than just a “cut and paste” format. Current feature options include:


We absolutely love to do new product reviews, brand promotion and giveaways! As a working single mom, I can review a large variety of products for both my children & the adults in the household! Blog reviews and giveaways are an inexpensive way to spread the word about your product, to showcase yourself to a larger audience!

In order to honestly and accurately review your product these are the guidelines I usually follow:

  • Reviews require a minimum of $50 worth of product.
  • Relevant App reviews are $80.
  • Reviews require a non-returnable full sized product and / or fully functioning service that you would like reviewed.
  • Reviews are posted within 2 to 10 weeks, so that I have time to test, use and review the item(s).
  • Only Family Friendly items will be reviewed on A Hen’s Nest.
  • Please let me know if there are specific links, sale events or coupon codes you would like me to mention in the review.


  • Giveaways without a review require a $50 promotion fee or like product.
  • Gift cards and prize pack that include your product(s) all make for a fun and active giveaway.
  • Giveaways are open for 2 weeks (3/4 if requested) so that I can create buzz for your product.
  • I will handle Giveaway moderation, promotion and winner selection.
  • YOU will be responsible for shipping the product / item to winner(s) of the giveaway in a timely manner.

Sponsored, Advertorial Content & Advertising:

I am happy to work with you in sharing your specific product, services and companies via an advertorial post. You may submit one, or I can create an article with your subject in mind. Rates will vary depending upon length of post and links included. Advertorial and sponsored posts will remain remain indexed on A Hen’s Nest indefinitely, syndicated to Facebook and Twitter upon publication and FTC compliant.

Travel and Event Reviews:

My family would love to visit your destination or establishment for {family friendly} and {couple only} events including hotels, dining, concerts, parks and more. We can include personal photos and even short video clips. We prefer to keep these types of reviews as natural as possible with little to no special treatment/interaction. We’d like to keep the experience the same as a regular non-reviewing patron would receive.

Proud to network with:

  • MomDot Forums
  • Social Spark Notable Blog
  • Mom Central
  • TapInfluence (formerly BlogFrog)
  • She Speaks
  • Social Fabric
  • The Motherhood
  • Massive Sway (The SITS Girls)
  • Clever Girls
  • Mom It Forward
  • Team Mom
  • One2One Network
  • America’s Family Network

Campaigns I have loved

I have been fortunate enough to be involved in many wonderful campaigns, including but not limited to these wonderful brands:

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You may contact me with further questions or your product information via the form below. Or, contact me by email at hensnest@windstream.net. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!  Have a Wonderful Day!