Easy and Affordable Home Décor Tips for an Elegant Modern Living Room

modern living roomWant a more modern, high-end looking living room, but not sure you have the budget to afford it? You’re in luck, as the world of interior design has evolved, so has the means for homeowners to create a living space they always dreamed of. With a few staple pieces, a small financial investment, and a lot of creativity, your living room can have the modern vibe you want. Check out these tips below.

Pictures and Paintings

If you have bare walls, one way to modernize your living room is to add a few paintings or pictures to it. While modern décor is simplistic and chic, adding a nice black and white or floral painting to the wall can really liven up the room and give you a focal point to draw from for the rest of the décor.

Crown Molding

High-end homes are all about the details from the ceilings down to the floor. If you want to add detail to your living room invest in crown molding. It helps to make the room look complete as it brings the ceilings and walls together to create an elegant appearance. Crown molding is fairly inexpensive and can be installed without the help of a professional. There are varying styles and widths to choose from, however, wider moldings make a bigger statement so splurge where you can.

Paint Colors

While you can certainly paint your home any color you’d like, if you’re going for a more modern and elegant look there are certain color palates you want to use. You should either choose bold and dramatic colors or soft understated colors to pull off the chic look. Painting trim, doors, and windows dark colors like black or chocolate brown create an expensive rich look to add more elegance to your home’s décor.

Window Treatments

To finish off your elegant look you’ll need to invest in good window treatments. While you don’t have to purchase silk curtains and top of the line venation blinds, you don’t want to purchase cheap window treatments as it will stick out like a sore thumb. When choosing curtains, stick to elegant materials like cotton and linen. If you don’t want to purchase curtains, you can also opt for wood blinds or bamboo shades for a touch of class.


Accessories are the finishing touches to really bring that modern, elegant feel to your living space. Accessorizing is actually very affordable on any budget. Choosing metals like gold, silver, or copper for picture frames, vases, candleholders, and other accessories in the room will give it a rich vibe.

Changing your house around can be a fairly simple home improvement project that you complete periodically. You can explore various modern styles and trends to transform your home into something you’ve seen in a magazine. What’s great about all these home décor ideas is that they’re all affordable and easy to do on your own. So have fun creating a living space that you feel proud to come home to each day.

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    Crown molding does make such a big difference. I like art too, and could spend a good long time picking out what I like for where… art doesn’t even have to be expensive to be beautiful, which is a huge plus.

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