How to Properly Store Your Baby’s Keepsakes


Your baby only stays little for so long and before you know it, they are asking you to help them pack their things for college. If you want to hang on to your baby’s keepsakes, you may start to scramble for additional room to keep the boxes, especially if you are one of those people who are afraid to throw out anything your children draw.

If you run out of space in your home, you can protect and keep your baby’s keepsakes safe in a secure self storage unit. As long as you properly pack the items, you can preserve them and hand them down to your child once he or she is of age to appreciate them.

Okay, let’s take a look at how you can properly store your baby’s keepsakes because this is probably the most important step.

  • Baby Clothes

It is okay to store a few pieces of your baby’s clothes, but you do not want to store a bunch of clothes unless you plan on your children using the clothes for their children.

Once your child outgrows his or her outfits, it is time to sit down and go through some of them and decide which ones you want to keep. You can select your favorites or maybe even one size from each stage in life.

Once you have the clothes selected, you need to look over them and make sure there are no stains or holes. If the outfit is damage free, you should wash it and make sure it is fully dry before you store it. It does help to fold the clothes and keep them in a garment bag or in a plastic tote.

  • Baby Photos

Baby photos are one of the most commonly stored baby keepsakes and for good reason. If your parents ever stored photos for you, you probably know that the old albums with the sticky pages is not the best option to store the photos. If you have the option to, you should scan the photos and save them digitally on your computer.

You could place the photos in a special sleeve and store them in a box in your storage unit, but you must make sure that the photos are out of the sunlight and away from any contaminants and water.

  • Family Heirlooms

Family memories and heirlooms are special and usually, these items that have memories are old and already in need of careful handling. You should clean up the items and place the securely in a plastic tote to keep them safe. You should wrap fragile items in newspaper and bubble wrap to ensure that they do not break over time.

If you plan to store your baby’s keepsakes, it is important that you take initiative and store the items properly to preserve them for many years to come. A storage unit can help you keep your baby’s keepsakes safe over the years without the worry of taking up too much room within your home.

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