Meow Mix® and Fresh Step® keep my cat and I happy #WalmartLovesCats

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Steve the cat is chilling

Steve is a snarfling hog. I'm sorry, I love him, but it's true. One of the reasons I think he's such a love bug is I used to have to pet him while he was eating so he'd slow down & not choke on his food. Not that it's his fault – he did come to us half-starved. Still, it took a while for him to get used to the idea that there is plenty of food & there will be more when that is gone.

One of the really nice things about Meow Mix® Tender Centers with Vitality Bursts is that it is nutritionally complete for all life stages. Good food matters even when you know your cat's history; it's of paramount importance when you don't.

Steve loves Meow Mix

We were asked to try Meow Mix® Tender Favorites Real Tuna & Whole Shrimp in Sauce,  which is available at Walmart. I haven't bought wet cat food in a very long time. I've never been able to stand the smell. Surprisingly, Meow Mix® Tender Favorites doesn't smell bad at all. I told my dad it almost smells good enough to eat. And Steve loves it. I actually went & purchased quite a few more containers of the Meow Mix® wet cat food & will continue to use it as an occasional treat for Steve.

As for the Meow Mix® Tender Centers with Vitality Bursts; Steve and I both love that the dry cat food has all sorts of good vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help keep Steve's immune system healthy. It also helps him keep a healthy skin, coat, teeth & bones. Plus, Meow Mix® is the only cat food my cat can ask for by name; Meow! 

One of the least pleasant things about having a cat is the litter box. Steve is awesome; what comes out of Steve – not so much. Cat urine stinks, & cleaning up the litter box is an unpleasant task. Fresh Step® Fast Acting cat litter makes taking care of the litter box a lot easier.

Steve the cat likes Fresh Step

First, let me tell you about the dust: There isn't any! Seriously, have you ever had to put new litter in the box with your tee shirt over your nose & mouth? You won't have to do this with Fresh Step® Fast Acting cat litter. There is not dust. (Which, if you can't tell, I think is really cool.) Plus, it smells nice. It's not over-poweringly scented, just a light pleasant smell. It has natural plant extracts & carbon to help eliminate odors naturally. Which it does. And, it's only available at Walmart in a 25lb size, during this promotional period.

Really, even when I'm right there scooping up the clumps, I don't smell anything stinky. It clumps really nice, too. Very absorbent & the clumps don't fall apart.


Right now Walmart and the Fresh Step and Meow Mix partnership are teaming up to encourage you & your cat have a nice life together. Walmart has a page up with tips & links to both Fresh Step® & Meow Mix®. And, supercool, you can earn triple Paw Points between now & June 30th on every Fresh Step® Fast Acting cat litter purchase at Walmart. You can earn cool stuff for you or your kitty.


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  1. 1

    Awww, Steve is so cute. I wish I wasn’t so allergic to cats :(

  2. 3

    Her cat is a cutie. We’ve never had to do kitty litter, but I am certain it’s nice to find one with no dust!!

  3. 4

    Awesome products. Your cat looks like a cutie.

  4. 5

    Your kitty is so cute! I love cats but am allergic to them. :(

  5. 6

    a pretty guy! And he looks like the kitty on the box! If I could, I’d be an old cat lady with so many kitties you couldn’t find me.

  6. 8

    Steve is so cute! Fresh Step is a really great brand. I don’t have cats now, but I always used Fresh Step when I did.

  7. 9

    Your cat is adorable. We use that liter, it’s the only kind we use.

  8. 10

    Your cat is so cute! We use Fresh Step a lot and it really does a good job with those gross odors!

  9. 11

    Is it me or does Steve look like he kitty peaking it’s head out on the food bag!? LOL What a little cutie pie even if he is a big ol’ hog ^.^

  10. 12

    Luckily, since I was pregnant my husband has the kitty litter duty and I am not complaining at all. Love my cat but not a fan of the kitty litter.

  11. 13

    I am totally not a cat person but I think they are so cute. Steve is absolutely a cutie

  12. 14

    Henrietta, no matter how good it smells, promise me this will be reserved for your snarfling hog only. ;) Yay for a wet food that pleases the whole family!

  13. 16

    I love that your cat just chills on the counter to eat…what a life!~

  14. 17

    Such a cute cat. It’s great that WalMart offers a pet product reward system to keep them clean and fed!

  15. 18

    I love your kitty model! We are not a cat family- much more of a dog family!

  16. 19

    I love cats! Steve is so handsome! Love the dust-free, that dust is annoying.

  17. 20

    are there cats that don’t snarf food down?

    also, i despise cat litter dust. SO MUCH.

  18. 21

    What a sweetie! My cat used to love Meow Mix!

  19. 22

    Cats are awesome pets! They are sweet, fun to be with, and really cute. I heard that Meow Mix is a great product and I would certainly check out this product. :)

  20. 23

    We don’t have any cats right now, but my mom used to buy Meow Mix for our kitty growing up. I kind of wish we had a cat, but my husband is not a cat person.

  21. 24

    What a cute cat; so much personality! And your right about litter and dust….that is the worst.

  22. 25

    Your cat is too cute! We are a dog household so I can’t relate to your issues but have heard good things about Meow Mix.

  23. 26

    Adorable! Your cat looks just like my childhood friend. Definitely looks happy with Fresh Step & Meow Mix!

  24. 27

    When I had cats they loved meow mix! What a cute kitty!

  25. 28

    Oh what a sweet kitty! I have never heard of a cat needing to be rubbed so that he didn’t choke on his food! I’m glad that you gave him a loving home – and that he has yummy food and a pleasant litter box :)

  26. 29

    I love cats. I want a kitten and my family is telling me no. I could so go for a kitten. Just one more in my family to feed in addition to 2 dogs and a cat. :)

  27. 30

    What a sweet kitty! We just have dogs but cats can be fun too.

  28. 31

    Your cat is so cute! That’s awesome that there’s no dust with that litter- I always hated that!

  29. 32

    When cats can do things like save little kids from a dog attack (did you see that?). They deserve good stuff like good kitty litter. :)

  30. 33

    Stave is a little cutie! My husband buys the litter and cat food and takes care of our cats since I am allergic, but I think this is the litter that we use. ;)

  31. 34

    People don’t often realize how important it is to select the right pet care products. Some brands are just better than others.

  32. 35

    Such a cute kitty def deserves to be kept happy. Like you I don’t like the smell of some cats foods. Good to know that Meow Mix Tender Favorites isn’t that strong.

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