I can’t stand the suspense any longer!

I am slowly going insane… well that’s besides the point, what I mean is today I am going nutso with the secret I have been holding in for a week! That’s the awful thing about having your parents read your blog, you can’t spill the beans, can’t let your bloggy friends in on anything because then they’ll know! This secret isn’t anything personal like a new job or new kid (now THAT would be absolutely impossible and would make me a very rich woman since I have no ovaries left! ha) It isn’t anything about anyone in my family actually.

What it is about is something I got an email about looked up and then convinced Super Genius that we needed to do. Together…. all of us, and that we should take my mom and Lee with us too…. but not tell them about it. until we get there…. Hmm am I bonkers? I got a bright idea to take my family to something I don’t even care about. I think I’m desperate to get out of the house to do ANYTHING, as long as it’s NOT HERE! I truly wish I could share with you what it is we’re doing TONIGHT! but I can’t :( this really sucks. I am usually very good at keeping secrets because, as my mother always said, things always “go in one ear, and out the other” with me. You’re lucky if I remember who you are let alone the secret you told me the other day! What I am most excited about is surprising my parents! I bet they haven’t had so much fun trying to guess where we’re going in quite awhile! I love it and the kids LOVE feeling like they’re playing a trick on gramma and grandpa lol!

I can’t TELL you about the secret event, but maybe I can SHOW you just a teensy tiny little piece of something FOR the event!

Hmmmm, very very interesting eh? No guesses Mom & Lee! It’s a surprise!



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    hmmmm….can't wait to read a follow up post!

  2. 2

    That is so unfair! LOL… Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Oh well, guess I'll have to wait for the big reveal.

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