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I think I fixed the code issues! the buttons should show up fine now :)

If you’d like to link to A Hen’s Nest you can grab this hen for your blog sidebar or posts.

A Hen's Nest

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You can also link to my weekly giveaway Linky – Hen’s Clutch of  Giveaways! Love ya for it!

Hens Clutch of Giveaways Friday Linky

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You can even link to my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide to keep up with the latest reviews and giveaways for family friendly gift giving ideas!

Hens Holiday Gift Guide

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Henrietta Newman is a tech loving, video game playing, pr friendly single mom / gramma blogger who talks about life with a teen daughter, an adult son, a toddler granddaughter and all that it entails. Subscribe to A Hen's Nest for giveaways, delicious family recipes, reviews and more!


  1. I can’t get the codes to work on my blog, I entered them all and they just show up as “A”

    • There is something up with my code, for some reason my quotation marks ” won’t work so if you’re having problems with getting the button to show up you may have to replace all the quotation marks. Sorry!

  2. I went through torment fighting with the code & re-writing haha

    FINALLY got it to post on my blog:

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