Backhoe in my driveway

Guess what? The township guys decided to come today to dig up the driveway pipe. They chose today of all days to accomplish this. Never mind that today our new-to-us TV (How excited am I!!!!) is being delivered.

I am seriously hoping that they will be finished by 2:00 because that’s when the delivery man will be here, between 2 and 4. If not, then the delivery truck will have to drive up the neighbor’s driveway and across the yard! (More about the TV tomorrow)

p.s. Don’t mind the mailbox laying in the front yard. You see, the door fell off of our old mail box and hubby was supposed to put this new-to-us box up last week – hmm – it’s kinda hard to put mail in it if it’s laying in the front yard. Love ya honey, bats eyelashes, um….. mail box please!!

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  1. Hopefully they are done so you can get that new TV with out driving on the lawn!
    I guess hubby doesn't get a lot of mail?

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