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My Thousand Words Thursday post is very late today! I seem to have come down with a nasty cold and haven’t been able to think straight! My medicine has worn off enough to let me keep my eyes open for a few minutes and get my ATWT post up :)

As I said last Thursday, since June is Father’s Day month I will be posting photos with Dad. This is one of my favorites. I don’t remember this at all but I sure looked like I was having a good old time with Dad! Love & miss you Dad! p.s. My Dad ALWAYS wore this same type of outfit. I think I remember seeing him in shorts only once and boy were those legs white! :)

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  1. crochet lady says

    My dad never wore shorts either. He would go shirtless alot and be as dark can be on the top. Sometimes if he was really hot he would roll up his pant legs a little and then we get a view of those pearly whites.

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