Happy Mother’s Day 2010!

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom
and all of the other Momma’s out there.
Memories are what matter Mom!
The ones we have and the ones yet to be made.
Thank you for always being there for me.
For picking me up when I fall down.
For holding my hand when I need support.
For telling me everything is going to be alright,
even if it’s not.
(it still makes me feel better!)
Thank you for being my Mom.
For loving me with no end.
I love you mom!
My mom and I

Happy Mother’s Day Grandma Lane.
Mom misses you so much and so do I.
 Thank you for laughter and beauty.
For daffodils, stuffed pork chops and
your frog on the log joke.
You will never be forgotten!

Great Grandma Flagella, Grandma Lane, Me & My Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to you too Gramma Newman.

I miss you more than ever.
Thank you for teaching me so many things.
For buttons and jello strawberries.
For braids in my hair and homemade fruit rollups.
For rag rugs, embroidered birds and photographs.
Yard sales, Roses, Fried Bread and endless
advice about everything anyone ever wanted to know!
Thank you for leaving behind your scribbled notes in cookbooks 
and for tidbits written on recipe cards.
You’re in my heart 4ever Gram!

My Gramma – Evelyn Newman


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    Wonderful photos. I hope your weekend was nice.

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