Don’t Ignore Pest Control Services

Bugs and pests are the most unwanted creatures in the world, but, unfortunately, you will find them crawling on your floor and walls in your home. These nasty things are not just harmful to your home, your family, and property, but are also a nuisance. If they infest your home, your family will face many […]

Don’t Let the Termites Eat your House this Spring!

Are you noticing disturbing signs that something is eating your house? Are there little piles of sawdust around the edges of your windows or door jambs? Do you see troubling swarms of little flying beasts going in and out of the cracks in your floors? Well, the creature that’s eating your domicile is probably not […]

Review: Humanely capture wild animals with a Havahart Box Trap

Living in the country as we do, it’s not unusual for many wild things to be roaming around the yard at any given time. For the most part, we don’t mind. What I am not too thrilled about is having what seems like a family of opossum living underneath our front porch. They come out […]

A Veggie Harvest

Our little vegetable garden is doing fairly well this year. I have half heartedly been planting one since we moved 2 years ago. The soil at our old house was just the way I wanted it and practically weed free since I amended it and took care of it for so many years. I am […]