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I started blogging in November of 2008 and to be honest I had no idea what the heck a blog was or what I was even doing!

Now? I absolutely love blogging and everything about it! There is always something new to learn and do! Also, before I started writing, I thought that my grammar was fairly decent. Wrong! Hello run on sentences and criminal comma usage!

I tend to post about our family sporadically in between posts about our latest review products and giveaways. The name A Hen’s Nest came about because of my name, Henrietta, and my love of our backyard chickens. A bit silly but it’s me!

Here’s a very random video that shows my son and I playing along with a vlog hop. This pretty much sums up how we are in our everyday life… silly.

Other things I love, in no particular order;  reading just about everything, baking yummy treats when the mood strikes me, gaming {LotRO forever, woo!}, gardening, crochet, Jazzercise, playing with the kids, The Walking Dead, spoiling my dog Ginger Grant and raising our mixed breed flock of backyard chickens. My photography skills are lacking but with my recent upgrade to the Lumix G5, I am striving to improve my photos!

Oh, and I like to sing. Out loud and badly… much to the utter horror delight of my family.

us at the beach

Chris, otherwise known as Super Genius {Wile E. Coyote? heehee} is my do-it-all, fix-it-all, know-it-all {mostly in a good way, don’t tell him I said that!} man. He works hard way too hard to support us as a contractor and also enjoys working on boats for a local company. He is an awesome Dad to our children. Hubs loves hunting, archery, motorcycles, antiques, history, anything to do with the old west or past wars, gardening and building things.

love my guy

He has a tough exterior but a soft fuzzy teddy bear lining… most of the time. Super G. is for-e-ver bringing home t.h.i.n.g.s. Motorcycles, vehicles, tractors, motors…. boats. Sigh. He IS good about not keeping most of these things though, he usually finds someone else who enjoys torturing his wife to pawn them off onto.

Super Genius and I have been together for over 19 years!

Random chicken Photo! - penny in the weeds

This is a random chicken. Her name is Penny. I like to just drop a chicken here and there :)

We have 2 gorgeous, awesome, creative children together. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have them!

Our youngest, Pie, turned fifteen this year {when and how did this happen?} and spends her time in high school where she plays her flute, complains about getting to each class on time and has found a love for the drama club! Her very first production, waaaaaay back in middle school, “Alice In Wonderland, Jr.” was a big hit! She played the part of Petunia, one of the snooty garden flowers!

This girl of mine is whimsical, charismatic, and sometimes I find myself just giggling crazily with her when she says or does something completely random.

My beautiful, smart, dreamer daughter– I can’t imagine what I’d do without you!


Our son, Tom, has left his teens behind and is learning how to successfully adult. He is very artistic and loves to draw all kinds of weirdly cool things. This “kid” is always surprising me with the ideas that come out of his head! He loves tabletop games, movies & video games and also enjoys creating things with his hands, whether it was the cardboard medieval armor he lived in during his teen years, or wooden shelves in the garage. Like his dad, he’s interested in history, wars, weapons and things of that nature.

He’s silly, fun, caring and sarcastic! T is definitely his own individual.

He definitely speaks his mind and lets it be known when he has an opinion on a subject! Tom attended one year of college for cinematography, but is taking some time off to work and figure out what he truly wants to do.


Both are loved unconditionally, our lives wouldn’t have been the same without them in it.

Life is full of surprises.

Our son’s child was born in November of 2012. A gorgeous, sweet, joyful little girl who has captured all of our hearts.

You could say it was was unexpected.

That’s life, we are a family and we grow and change with each other.

No matter what is in the future, we face it and continue to love and support one another.

That’s what families do.

photo family

I cannot forget our Ginger Grant {the movie star}, she is such a sweet pooch. We rescued her 10 years ago when she was only a little thing and we couldn’t imagine our family without her. She is getting older and has been having trouble with her hips lately. My family calls Ginger my shadow, lol she follows me everywhere and is always underfoot. We named her Ginger Grant after the Gilligan’s Island character. Remember her?

As a family, it’s important that We keep our sense of humor!

We love playing games of all sorts, watching the history channel, discovery channel, documentaries,  funny sitcoms and some reality shows. We have a weird sense of humor and love to laugh at and with each other! The most important thing I can tell you about our family is that we love each other.

With arms wide open and hearts bursting — we find joy in knowing that we have each other, always.

Oh, and we are pretty big dorks. Who needs perfection anyway?

Old Random Family Pictures