Choosing Ideal Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are an unusual mix of wall covering, storage space, and functional items. They create the room’s mood as well as helping the occupant meet daily needs while simultaneously influencing lighting.

As a result, choosing these items can be a very complex process. Meeting all these conflicting needs with a single product is a daunting but workable task. In determining the route from bare walls to functional kitchen, a number of elements should be taken into consideration.

Architectural Implications

The most important matter to consider is what the overall structure of the house will yield in terms of options for cabinetry. While no one approaches an architect with a specific kitchen cabinet idea around which to build a house, there are overarching matters that must be incorporated in the design phase.

For example, a high ceiling is a wonderful feature for a kitchen, but it will limit options for the placement of a range hood. The homeowner may choose to install a range hood for a high ceiling, place the range on an exterior wall where the ceiling is lower, or select a downdraft range that requires no overhead provisions

Sustainability of Trends

To some extent, fashion for home decor will evolve at a different pace and in a different direction from home fixtures. In a fashion-conscious state like California, the type of kitchen cabinets San Francisco dealers handle can be drastically different from those in other parts of the country.

For that reason, homeowners need to have a strategy for how to handle these independent changes. If you are willing to replace cabinets when you re-decorate your home, then you will be able to choose a more unique and trendy style of cabinetry. But if you would prefer to keep your cabinets for many years, you might want to opt for a more versatile design that can blend in with a wider variety of overall kitchen styles.

Functionality And Storage

Now let’s make the transition into the functional side of kitchen cabinets. Regardless of their aesthetic value, they must also serve a certain number of functional purposes for storage. The types of storage needed will drive certain characteristics of the cabinets.

For example, certain kitchen goods are not very pleasing to the eye. Heirloom iron skillets, scorched everyday saucepans, and worn spare dinner settings have no place in brightly lit cabinets with glass doors. Kitchens that will hold these types of items need at least a few solid doors for that reason.

Other items may be heavy and bulky, requiring floor-based storage with broad spaces inside. This is where stock pots, countertop appliances, and bulk food items will need to go. And if any unusual items are stored in the kitchen, the homeowner must make sure to provide for those as well.

Personal Considerations

The last issue is the people who will be in the home. A home occupied by a man and woman who are both professional basketball players has many more options because of the occupants’ reach. More of the vertical space can be utilized, as opposed to a home being built by average or shorter people.

Age is a consideration as well. Homeowners who can’t lift heavy items from base cabinets will need to plan for a place to keep them nearer their working areas. And of course, anyone in a wheelchair will know the compensations needed for easy function in the home.

This also connects to upkeep. A home with children shouldn’t have easily smudged surfaces, because the constant cleaning will be very frustrating. Young families need to figure on a more durable finish.

Even the most aggressive re-decorator will still keep kitchen cabinets for quite a few years. Making sure that relevant considerations are made during design, construction, and selection will make those years more pleasant and practical. And by the same token, a reckless planning process will make for many years of headaches and frustration.

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    A reckless anything can lead to years of frustration, right? :) I re-did the cabinets in my old house once, and loved it. It was a kit though, and I’m sure after years of use it’d start to come off and not look so pretty. Better to have the real deal from the get-go. I think cabinets can help make or break a kitchen visually and in terms of functionality.

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    I love the tip about sustaining trends! It’s easy to get caught up in a certain style and having a dated kitchen in 10 years. Awesome article!

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