50% off custom denim skirts Gaggle of Chicks deal

A Gaggle Of ChicksI’ve talked about the money saving site, Gaggle of Chicks, before and wanted to share a really great deal with you tonight!

I just purchased two deals to apply towards the purchase of two super cute denim skirts by “Design A Skirt ” for only $13.50 each!

To try and explain the deal a little better, I basically spent $13.50 to purchase a $27 value that can be applied to any of the skirts on the site. There is a limit of two deals per order so that’s how many I decided to buy. My confirmation email, which included my deal’s coupon codes, came immediately after purchase. Then we went to the Design a skirt site, chose our skirts and at checkout entered the coupon codes sent to me by Gaggle of Chicks. Super easy!

This is an awesome deal because these are CUSTOM skirts that retail for $25.00 to $35.00.

custom skirts dealMy daughter is so excited to see what her designs will look like when they arrive! This deal is only live for two more days so run over and snag some for your daughter. They are perfect for back to school!

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