I crave votes!

I was reading through my favorite blogs newest posts and noticed that Nicolle over at BabeeLove had submitted her blog to TopMommyBlogs.com and was asking for votes.

I was curious! Apparently it’s a big directory of Mom Blogs! If it’s a directory I want to be listed too! So after voting for BabeeLove I added my blog as well!

Now here I am asking if anyone would like to vote, for me! I’d love ya for it! Oh wait, I love ya already :) Well, if you’d like to vote for me anyways then just click that adorable little button up there. It’s also in my sidebar under Something to Crow about! Thanks so much! Let me know if you need a vote!

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Henrietta Newman is a tech loving, video game playing, pr friendly single mom / gramma blogger who talks about life with a teen daughter, an adult son, a toddler granddaughter and all that it entails. Subscribe to A Hen's Nest for giveaways, delicious family recipes, reviews and more!


  1. Thanks for the mention and voting for me! I voted for you too :)

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