Lactose-Free Recipe: Scalloped Potatoes & Spinach #LACTAID

This post inspired by a campaign for LACTAID® via The Motherhood. Although I am being compensated for participation, I truly am lactose intolerant and enjoy using LACTAID® products in our home.  I am always looking for a great lactose-free recipe. Lately, I’ve been using LACTAID® Milk to prepare quite a few meals and I have to say, it’s really nice […]

Living with Lactose Intolerance – Did You Know? #LACTAID

Ever since my second child was born almost 13 years ago, I have been becoming more and more lactose sensitive each year. These days, I can no longer drink a glass of regular milk and if I eat ice cream… watch out! My almost 18 year old son was born with a lactose sensitivity so […]