Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Gel Wash and Wipes Review

My daughter has reached that in-between age. You know, the one where your body starts going all haywire on you and your voice is changing, your shape is changing and your hormones are wreaking havoc on your skin. Yep, that wonderful pre-teen time of life. It’s a ball… Pie has had beautiful skin for most […]

Clearasil PerfectaWash Acne Face Wash review #teens

Having a teenager and a tween in the home means that we go through a lot of different products to try and conquer acne, and keep faces clean and clear. Some have worked well but been too expensive, while others have done nothing but dry out a face or irritate the skin. We recently had […]

Did X Out Wash-In Acne Treatment help my teenage son? Product Test Drive Part 2 #review

Parenting a teen can be a challenge in so many ways, one of which is trying to help them care for their skin. Finding products that help to keep acne and other skin issues at bay during the teenage years can be a major headache! You may remember that a few weeks ago, My son […]

Can X Out help combat my teenager’s acne problems? Product Test Drive Part 1

As a mom of a teen boy, trying to help my son deal with teen acne can be a real trial. My son has had acne for several years now on his face, neck and even his back and upper arms. He has learned how to keep it under control with good hygiene and frequent […]