Nickelodeon’s Floam and Gak attack! #review

Do you remember Floam and Gak? If you grew up in the 90’s then you know exactly what I’m talking about! These fun Nickelodeon playtime novelties were all the rage back in the day. The fun texturized play compound, Floam, can be molded, squished, flattened, shaped and squeezed for hours of sculpting fun! Floam was invented 20 […]

HandTrux Backhoe makes digging fun for all ages! #review

While summertime is just starting to wind down, we know there are plenty of sunny days left. We’re hoping to spend a few more of those at our local “beach”. The usual beach necessities make it into the back of the car when we plan for a day in the sun; buckets and shovels for […]