To PR checking on review status

If you are a PR rep who has been in contact with me, you may be wondering where your review is. Our hard drive recently crashed. Unfortunately I lost all of the emails, contacts and info I may have exchanged with you concerning your products, reviews and giveaways. I had been without a computer from […]

Welcome to A Hen’s Nest new blog!

Okay, not new but it sure does feel all shiny and exciting to me! I’d love to ask that everyone updates their links and bookmarks to the new address I really appreciate it! I’ve been hunting down as many of the old blogspot links that I can to update them, but I fear I […]

To Do List & Found and Shared

To Do Don’t forget to enter the GE Strong as Steel Sweepstakes (ends 11/11)! There’s only a few days left to get your entries in! You can enter on my sidebar daily. Also, check out the other bloggers who are participating in this contest by going to the GE Sweepstakes Blogstakes page. Forgot what it’s […]