Random blabbering and a few fun links :)

I am sick of not getting anything done! I have decided I need my own room to lock myself into. Then maybe I could get something done! Having my small work space in the middle of our tiny kitchen really isn’t conducive to good blog writing. I can’t think when the kids are running around […]

Last day of school! Where did the year go?

I had just come in from picking a few rose petals off of my bush when I noticed my daughter’s glasses and my son’s derby car just sitting in the middle of the table. A dusting of petals made for the perfect end of school memories photo :) Next year our son will venture off […]

Random Obsessiveness that is me

My poor blog has been suffering lately. Being sick last week definitely didn’t help it. Before i was sick though I started feeling that dreaded thing that Dr. Seuss likes to call the “slump” You’ll come down from the Lurch with an unpleasant bump. And the chances are, then, that you’ll be in a Slump.And […]

Random thoughts from stuffy head

It makes me sad to look at my blog and see that I haven’t posted much in the last week! I hate coming on here giving you some little ditty about why I’ve been neglectful of you or going on and on about why I haven’t posted. but I do need to post some sort […]

Post It Note Tuesday

A fun Tuesday Meme to play along with over at Adventures of a WanneBe SupahMommy.Rant, praise, be random, whatever!

Random Ramblings of a Mad Woman #2

You know what? I just remembered that earlier I had thought up an awesome amazing blog post that actually had some substance and a bit of humor. As usual, I forgot it. Shoulda Coulda Woulda wrote it down! I do that all the time though, do you? This blogging thing, it’s crazy. Sometimes I lay […]

It’s almost time for a Holiday Break!

I want to wish all of you a very wonderful New Year and an absolutely Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. My hope is that this new year brings happiness, prosperity and more great memories to everyone! I hope that your Holiday is spent enjoying the little things, your family and friends. Cherish the memories […]

This is the Blah – Randomness!

Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes I would like to shout such a phrase as this just to see what would happen. This is the BLAH I say!! lol. Someone sent this pic to me the other day and I kept it. It sums those Blah days up and makes me laugh. I am […]

I apologize in advance, I need to rant!

My personal blog posts have started to become a little too few for my taste. I’ve been so busy lately trying to get reviews done and sort out giveaways that need posted! I am quite behind and I’m going to have to rein myself in and stop accepting new ones until I get some done! […]

Random Midnight Thoughts

Why am I such a clutter freak-a-zoid? See my sidebars? They started out quite clean, but I keep finding stuff, stuff I like, stuff I don’t want to lose. See my pretty page background? It looks cluttered too. I like it though. Is it too dark? or brown? Something is not quite right, can’t put […]

Daughter’s Fever

I cannot sleep, not yet. My daughter is sick and I hate sleeping while she is ill. Earlier this hot evening I made her comfy on the big couch, gathered her water bottle to hug or rest a flushed cheek on, a washcloth for her brow, freshened with cool water every half hour or so, […]

A Thousand Words Thursday

July 2004 I want to go back in time for a few moments when I look at our old photos! My now 8-year-old daughter was almost 4 in this photo! I miss the days where getting dirty while playing outside was fun. Now dirt is the enemy, heck she won’t even touch a worm anymore! […]