Things of my backyard haven

In our backyard we have many things. Speckled fluffy silly things clucking cooing, a bit too curious plump and useless wings Things that offer beauty joy and softness petals bursting with good cheer sweetness tempts the buzzing drifting to my ear Things that brood with patience and even warn to stay away Things with whiskers […]

April Thoughts

April seems alwaysconfused, stubbornso full of angst.Like a temperamental childwho doesn’t want to sayGoodnight!She needs reassurancea bit of soothingand sweet whispers in her ear,assuring herthat when it’s timeshe will wake once again!

If You Can..

I just got this in an email and it is so true!Thank God for man’s best friend :) (this is a picture of our sweet baby Ginger Grant, we couldn’t imagine life without her! We rescued her in 2002) If You Can.. If you can start the day without caffeine;If you can get going without […]