Two cakes for April Fool’s Day Dinner

Guess what? Mama just got the kids good :). It was one of the funnest April Fools Day dinners we’ve had in a long time. I took everything over to my Mom & Lee’s house to prepare. No peeking that way! The kids came over with Super G. after school for supper. We had cake […]

Wordless Wednesday – For the Birds

  My daughter is a budding photographer. It’s what she wants to be when she grows up.   {A Tufted titmouse with a snack and field mouse under that tire planter way out there}

Feel better soon my little Pie!

Being sick is no fun whether you’re two, ten, or one hundred and ten. We made it all winter (except for my Christmas incident) without anyone in the family coming down with any bugs. Then WHAM, first day of Spring and Pie is sick :( She’s had a fever ranging between 99.99 and 103.8 for […]

Volcanoes, glasses and life

Pie’s volcano model that I shared with you last Wednesday turned out pretty good! We had fun creating it out of plaster of paris, cardboard, and newspaper. Our school holds a science fair every year, the children don’t compete for prizes or top place, but some teachers do give extra credit for their efforts. They […]

Wordless Wednesday – unfinished project

Pie and I had fun playing with cardboard, tape, and white goop yesterday! We are impatiently waiting for her creation to dry so she can get it painted in time for the science fair on Thursday! We’re thinking about making little huts (suggested by our Schwan’s man lol) to put at the base of the […]

Wordless Wednesday – from the heart

A card from our daughter on Valentine’s Day. I almost cried when Pie gave this to Super G. and I yesterday. What an awesome little girl we have! We love you so much! Written on the inside of her card was this little note – Happy Valentine’s Day You guys are awesome soooo I just […]

Random Ramblings from Me – games & laundry

Hello strangers! December and January seem to be my hibernation months! I’ve been such a slacker lately with both the blog and life. It’s starting to catch up with me since I haven’t even been to Jazzercise since the beginning of December, I miss it… but it’s hard to get back into the swing of […]

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Dog Bed Hazards

I’ve been a slacker lately! The sad thing is that I do have quite a bit that needs to be blogged. Christmas is starting to freak me out though and I’m slightly addicted to shopping on so other things have been getting pushed aside. In the hopes that you don’t think I’ve entirely abandoned […]

Wordless Wednesday – Looking Back

Pie used to love dressing up in Daddy’s biker gear! I think this look is particularly fetching :) This brings back so many memories of our old home and when the children were little. 2007 seems so long ago!

Wordless Wednesday – Fun at the Fair

Otherwise titled – How to scare the crap out of your mom. I let Pie go on these two rides at the annual fair for the first time this year. She had a blast with her friends while I stood around convincing myself she wasn’t going to fly off or fall out. Fun times! I […]

Wordless Wednesday – Silly Pie

The box is always funner no matter how old you get :) Who wouldn’t want a chicken on their head? My girl is silly!

Wordless {wordy} Wednesday – School Days

The kids have been back to school for over a week now and I haven’t even posted pictures! That’s how behind I am! BLAH! So here they are looking pretty spiffy! I always do the corny sign thing so I know what year it was. I need to go back and put them all together […]