My son Rocks!

I have been missing for too long! SO sorry to abandon you all! Hopefully I can get back on track and pick things up around here this coming week. We’ve been busy busy. My brother was home for a visit for  a couple weeks, he leaves again Monday morning to go back to Kuwait so […]

Our Gingerbread House (yep we used a kit!)

Pie & Mr.T. successfully built a gingerbread house this weekend! This is a big step up from the gingerbread house disaster of last year! lol   Of course the funnest part is eating the leftover icing! They thoroughly enjoyed every last lick they could squeeze out of that bag! I’ve got to say that that […]

If you give a boy a spoon….

My boy makes me laugh… a lot. Today I made a quick supper because we were outside for awhile enjoying what’s left of nice weather before the winter sets in. I basically cooked some ground beef with a diced potato and onion, dumped in 2 cans of Campbell’s Minestrone Soup, 2 soup cans of water, […]

A Thousand Words Thursday

Mr.T. made his mask from an insert in an old skeleton mask. It was just a plain white piece of plastic with a broken string off lights! I think he did a great job. You can’t tell but he even put a zipper on the mouth! He got many compliments – and stares from small […]

Picture of My Life

Sharing just a little bit of our weekend with you!

Toad’s lucky day

My brave men, Super G. & Mr.T., are heroes! They saved this poor Toad from a villainous snake Tuesday while Pie and I were at cheer practice! The Toad was still sitting on the sidewalk when we got home. He seemed to be okay, his back leg looked a bit sore but I think he […]

Mr. T.’s Mother’s Day gift to me

My son did something awesome yesterday, something I never thought he would do! He got a haircut :D I’m grinnin‘. I’m smilin‘, I’m doin‘ the happy dance! He’s been growing it out for about 2 years with only a slight trim here and there. Everyone was always pickin‘ at him, especially his grandparents. I knew […]

Silly Kids

Imagine you have 2 children, they are 13 & 8, they like to argue…with each other. You often wonder if you get through to them at all. Say on Valentines Day you go shopping with your mom…for 7 hours….let’s just say you leave the kids home….with your hubby (insert evil laugh here). What if they […]