Another school year is almost over {whining mom}

Our kids have just 4 days of school left, I can hardly believe how quickly this year has gone by! It’s bittersweet because my children are growing up. Mr.T. will be a senior come fall and well on his way to living his own life. Pie will be starting the tumultuous middle school years when […]

Wordless Wednesday – Totally random Friday photos #ww

Gorgeous turtle that crawled out of the ditch looking for water. We re-homed him in the creek down the road. Hubby got out the 1974 Goldwing. We took it for a short test drive up the road. Ahhh! Such a silly girl! The kids were messing around with optical illusion photos. I have more to […]

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – And the fun never ends #ww

I see lots of moms mention how much their little ones love boxes. The box usually gets played with more than the toy that came in it. I just thought I’d tell you that THE BOX never gets old. My kids love the box. They’re weird.

Wordless Wednesday – a reflection #photoadayApril

Are you doing any monthly photo a day challenges? I am! Here are the first three photos from the #photoadayApril challenge created by @fatmumslim. There are some great prompts this month! Check out the photo collage I made to remind myself to take part!     I’m using my phone to take part, it has […]

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – raindrops, rooster and a sunset

It’s been an up and down week but I’m still doing well with keeping up on the #marchphotoaday meme on Instagram. In between the few rainy days, we’ve had some absolutely gorgeous out-of-the-norm ones reaching temps near the mid 60’s! The chickens love it and take every opportunity to sneak up front to scratch around the bird […]

{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Son’s drawing + horrible iphone photos

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook or a Twitter follower, then you may have already had a peek at most of this week’s photos. Sorry! I’m sharing them anyways because they’re all I’ve got. Plus, I especially love the one of my boy. I so rarely have the chance to get a […]

{almost?} Wordless Wednesday – too big boots

I have to be just a tiny bit wordy this week! Last week as I was hopping around to check out everyone’s WW post, I had to stop and smile at Alison‘s in particular. Her photo of her son wearing her Ugg boots just reminded me so much of my kids when they were little! […]

Are we there yet? Wordless Wednesday #WW

We took a trip last Sunday. A long trip on a rainy, yet beautiful day. Way to be excited children *insert dramatic eye roll here* lol! I’ll tell you all about it soon! We managed to get a couple of pretty awesome wildlife photos! edited to add: It had absolutely nothing to do with Pepsi […]

Life’s really rolling along now

It’s funny how quickly time goes by when your children are growing up. I mean you don’t realize how fast they go from Point A (babyhood) to Point B (high school graduation) until it’s staring you right in the face. Mr.T. is in his second year of Vo-Tech school. His Third year of High School. […]

Back To School 2011- Wordless Wednesday

Summer is over. And it’s back to school. I love the quiet. But still miss these children who keep getting older. While making me feel even older. <3 …yep. I let Mr.T. dye his bangs. He’s 16, a good kid who does well in school and {mostly} listens to his parents. I think it looks […]

Locked up – Wordless Wednesday

Check out what else we did Saturday for the whole story :) Don’t forget to comment and link up your WW so I can come visit you! Mister Linky’s Magical Widgets — Easy-Linky widget will appear right here!This preview will disappear when the widget is displayed on your site.For best results, use HTML mode to […]

Wordless Wednesday – Bouncing good time

We finally broke out the obstacle racer bounce house we were lucky enough to win from  last fall! All of the kids {big & small} had a blast in it over the holiday weekend! Mr.T. found that BHB {bounce house burn} isn’t the most pleasant sensation though ;)