Remembering Papa

My mom and her sisters and brothers have been running themselves ragged this past month. Trying to keep Papa in comfort and keep him entertained. He had been in the soldier’s & Sailor’s home for several years and then just recently moved to the VA Hospital Hospice for the past month. It’s been a long […]

Happy Birthday Dad, Memories are all we have

Dad’s 61st birthday is today and the memories are surrounding me, tugging at my foggy brain and the hands of time. One memory of my Dad that I hold on to is of him and me as a child, sitting in church, swinging my feet from the folding chair and listening to the hum of […]

A Thousand Words Thursday

This week is the last of my Father’s Day A Thousand Words Thursday Theme! Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, miss & love you! Happy Father’s Day to my 2nd Dad too :)Love you! I can’t forget my hubby who is such a great Dad to our kids.Love you Hun, Happy Father’s Day :) For […]

A Thousand Words Thursday

Continuing with my Father’s Day A Thousand Words Thursday Theme, here’s a mini collage of my Dad when he was young. What a handsome guy! I remember Dad telling me about how he was always getting picked on because of how his ears stuck out. There was this kid on his bus that used to […]

A Thousand Words Thursday

My Thousand Words Thursday post is very late today! I seem to have come down with a nasty cold and haven’t been able to think straight! My medicine has worn off enough to let me keep my eyes open for a few minutes and get my ATWT post up :) As I said last Thursday, […]

Have a Wonderful Day!

Mothers & Daughters You can see it in their eyes,in tender hugs and long good-byes,a love that only moms and daughters know. You can see it in their smiles,through passing years and changing styles,a friendship that continually seems to grow. You can see it in their lives,the joy each one of them derives,in just knowing […]

A Thousand Words Thursday

July 2004 I want to go back in time for a few moments when I look at our old photos! My now 8-year-old daughter was almost 4 in this photo! I miss the days where getting dirty while playing outside was fun. Now dirt is the enemy, heck she won’t even touch a worm anymore! […]