Scott Shared Values: Rachael Ray magazine subscription for just $10.00!

Yesterday, I introduced you to the Scott Shared Values program. If you haven’t signed up yet, I definitely recommend checking it out! I just wanted to alert you to a limited time offer that I thought was a great deal! You can claim a Rachael Ray magazine subscription for just $10.00! At a savings of […]

Did you know?

I didn’t realize how many magazines have great websites! Ya know what else a lot of their sites have? Giveaways! I’ll bet there are a ton you subscribe to or read that have contests or a giveaway of some sort on their site! The most recent one I’ve found is over at Country Living, they […]

More Freebies! – It’s an obsession

Wow! A double posting day! This is good for me :) There are some great giveaways going on at Seventeen Magazine’s website right now. They are giving away lots of green/organic prizes, clothing, jewelry, makeup! Go take a peek and tell your friends! I know I’ve entered them all!