Protect Your Wallet Against Appliance Breakdown With the Help of a Home Warranty

When the appliances and components we depend on break down, it’s a frustrating experience that takes away our confidence and peace of mind. We take these items for granted and realize how much we need them when a problem occurs. But such mishaps occur as the age of our items increase and wear and tear […]

Staying Safe and Prepared for Life’s Sideswipes

We all want to stay safe and avoid trouble. Life, unfortunately, doesn’t always work out this way. Luckily the majority of these dramatic disruptions don’t amount to much more than bumps and bruises, relatively speaking. Yet it’s always better to be safe than sorry, requiring families to hope for the best but prepare for the […]

Accident Rates in Pennsylvania and how to avoid them

There are many times when I am grateful for the fact that I live in rural Pennsylvania. We may have back roads, potholes and hillbillies, but we also have less traffic and quieter evenings. Accidents of course, are something that can happen no matter what part of the state you live in. For example, imagine […]

21st Century spoofs recent Geico Taste Test Commercials

Some recent car insurance commercials have been trying to get people to choose the “better” insurance company by taking a “Taste Test” with juice. Um, Can you even compare car insurance by taste? Plus, it’s juice! How does juice relate to car insurance? It doesn’t! I think it’s a bit ridiculous myself. If I were […]