To my email subscribers

My mom, (Thanks mom!) just alerted me that none of my images are showing up in the A Hen’s Nest email subscription she gets each day. I wish I would have noticed this sooner and I apologize for this little hiccup. My question to you is, has anyone else noticed?? If so, would you happen […]

My camera died, I have a warranty – now I need help!

I’m glad that Christmas is over. Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays! This year the flu took the fun out of it for me though. We had some wonderful moments that I didn’t get to capture because my camera flash decided to die on me Christmas day at my mom’s party! I was, […]

That’s Weird!

I’ve been messing with my blog most of the day trying to get my menu bar to look, act, work the way I want it to. I’m trying to get the blog to load a little faster. It’s image heavy so I thought I would do away with the images and use text for my […]