{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Fair Week and Oval Eggs #ww

Last week was busy with fair-going and basketball and more fair-going! On Saturday, I had my annual doughboy — yum! A doughboy is just fried bread dough that is brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and powdered sugar!  Pie rode carnival rides for 5 hours straight during ride-a-rama Friday night. The rain […]

Alright, who’s the slacker?

Our girls have been laying big beautiful fresh eggs this spring. This morning when I went out there were eight large brown and rosey hued eggs in the four nest boxes.  And, there was one teeny tiny speckled one.  I’m not sure who laid this little darling but isn’t it cute! I just had to […]

Have a very Hoppy Easter!

From my family to yours, Happy Easter! Hope you are having a weekend full of joy!

5-minute Fresh Egg White & Herb Breakfast Wrap – Spring #recipe

One of my very favorite things about living in the country, is being able to walk a few steps out my back door, and find breakfast waiting for me. Out in the coop, I gently slip my hand underneath Penny and find three warm eggs — the girls have already been taking turns on the […]