Feel better soon my little Pie!

Being sick is no fun whether you’re two, ten, or one hundred and ten. We made it all winter (except for my Christmas incident) without anyone in the family coming down with any bugs. Then WHAM, first day of Spring and Pie is sick :( She’s had a fever ranging between 99.99 and 103.8 for […]

Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer Review

A sick child (or mommy) is one of the worst things I can think of dealing with. Truly a nightmare. I’m one of those moms that keeps her child home at the first sign of sickness, which is usually you guessed it – a fever. We have used several methods over the years for temperature […]

Daughter’s Fever

I cannot sleep, not yet. My daughter is sick and I hate sleeping while she is ill. Earlier this hot evening I made her comfy on the big couch, gathered her water bottle to hug or rest a flushed cheek on, a washcloth for her brow, freshened with cool water every half hour or so, […]