I just realized who Brittany Murphy was! Doh

Okay so this is old news to most, I admit it sometimes takes me awhile to actually process things, I had wandered over to this blog and was reading random posts. (Bored!) when I saw the picture on this post I suddenly realized what the big deal was last week when Brittany Murphy died. WHAM!! […]

Booth of the Week!

Felicitations This weeks Bonanzle Booth really needs no introduction from little ol’ me!Felicitations is owned by a talented and witty lady with whom I share a first name with!Henrietta’s booth is filled with gorgeous reproductions of Victorian era paper greeting cards, photo frames, scrapbooking items and so much more. Browsing her booth will take you […]

Booth of the Week!

Earth First Native Plant Nursery This week’s favorite booth is one I really enjoy visiting. Their booth is full of native and natural plants and flowers. Based in New Jersey they really have a great selection and I plan on getting a few things from them this spring :) Some of these items are hard […]

Our Favorites!

cleosgreatdeals I am going to try and have this section up weekly. Each week I’ll choose just one of the many awesome Bonanzle Booths to feature here! There are so many to choose from and I have lots of favorites :) This week’s Booth is owned by cleosgreatdeals. They are wonderful, helpful people with an […]